Commission Examples and Prices

Icon: $10 USD

Receive an 800 x 800 bust icon of any character of your choosing.


Receive a character of your choice, drawn from head to waist.


Receive a character of your choice, drawn from head to toe.

add-ons + extras

Further commissions details to customize your product.

how to commission the artist

  • Decide what kind of commission you'd like to purchase.

  • Contact me via DM on Twitter (@temoraIi, @_TEMORALI) or through my gmail at [email protected] and tell me what you'd like me to draw.

  • We will negotiate and confirm prices and specify the details of your order.

  • Once we come to an agreement, I will draw the sketch and send it to you; during this time, you may request changes to the artwork for free.

  • Once you are happy with the sketch, you will send the full payment. I accept commission payment only through Paypal.

  • Once I receive your payment, I will proceed to finalizing your artwork. You may no longer request a refund from this point onwards.

  • After the piece is complete, you may suggest minor changes, restricted to color and shading only.

  • Once content, you may use your new art at your leisure. Please refer to the TOS if you have questions about what you can or cannot do with your artwork!

In order to keep my schedule manageable, I will only open a certain amount of commission slots at any given moment. If they are already full, I will be more than happy to add you to the wait list! I will contact clients in chronological order to see if you still want to buy from me the moment that more slots open up.

Humans / HumanoidsHateful Content
Animals / Monsters / FantasyPedophilic / Incestuous Content
Furries / Scalies / EtcExplicit NSFW / Nudity
Violence / Mild GoreSelf-Harm / Suicidal Content / Intense Gore
LGBTQIA+ ContentVehicles / Robots / Detailed Cities
Sexbends / GenderbendsReal People

terms of service

  • You may use your commission in any non-profit way you see fit.

  • Do not claim the art as your own or resell it*.

  • You may repost your commissioned artwork, but you must credit me (@_TEMORALI) in your post.

  • You may use your commission as an icon/header/etc without credit, but credit is appreciated.

  • No refunds are allowed after the sketch phase is completed unless I become unable to finish your commission, in which case I will contact you and return your money back.

  • You may not request a refund after the final product is delivered, even if you dislike the final product. I work with you throughout the process to ensure your happiness, please just be honest with me during the process when I can change things for you.

  • By default, you cannot use my art for profit. If you wish to use my artwork commercially, please contact me to discuss it.

  • I retain the right to deny any commission.

*You may only sell your art in the case of selling/transferring the character itself, in the case of OCs. When doing so, please contact me and let me know to whom the art is being transferred to.

Icon: $10 USD

  • Maximum of one (1) character per icon

  • Shading will look like the above examples (you can request removing shading entirely if you'd prefer)

  • Non-complex backgrounds included (+ can request LGBT+ identity flags!)

  • Can request chibi-style for no additional cost

  • 800 x 800 by default, but can be adjusted per request


  • Maximum of seven (7) characters per image (additional cost)

  • Backgrounds default to abstract unless ordered otherwise

  • Dimensions may vary but can be specified

  • Shading options available


  • Maximum of eight (8) characters per image (additional cost)

  • Backgrounds default to abstract unless ordered otherwise

  • Dimensions may vary but can be specified

  • Shading options available

add-ons for commissions

Additional Character: + $10 USD per Character

Full Shading: + $10 USD

Left: An example of basic shading (free).
Right: An example of full shading (+$10 USD).

Detailed Background: + $15 USD

Left: An example of a basic background (free). Basic BGs are usually abstract, gradients, sky scenes, space, etc.
Right: An example of a detailed background (+$15 USD). Complex BGs are usually cities, indoors, etc.

Please let me know what kind of background you want, and I'll let you know where it falls in terms of price!

Reference Sheets: $30 ~ $80

Due to character complexity and each individual's desires for a reference sheet, price will need to be negotiated personally. Information/text is very cheap to add, whereas different outfits or viewpoints are a bit more pricey. Character intricacy matters, too; please feel free to ask me about it if you're interested!

  • Basic Sheet:

Basic references include one character perspective or outfit.

  • Detailed Sheet:

Detailed references include two or more character perspectives or outfits.

  • Turnaround: 4 perspectives of a character (front, back, left, right). No example available.